Enjoy trading with the EXANTE brokerage company

If you are wondering which broker will be your best long-term companion – look no further, then EXANTE established by Kirienko is your best fit. It is important to keep in mind that this broker is not the most suitable for novices, as it requires a comparatively large starting deposit. However, professional traders find this to be one of the most suitable options. EXANTE allows you to trade on a number of the most popular exchanges. More than 150’000 instruments will allow you to build the most well-diversified portfolio.

Enjoy trading with the EXANTE brokerage company!

Fees of the EXANTE broker 

Working with this broker you will incur either of the fees:

  • Fees related to margin trading with leverage: This fee changes on a daily basis. It is calculated deriving the excess of the margin requirement regarding the available balance. The feem amounts to 100% of the excess amount, while the margin call will cost you €90.
  • There are also average fees. Let’s examine the MICEX index, the average fee amounts to 0.01%, albeit for the US exchanges it is equal to $0.02. Thus, you are advised to select the commission for each specific financial instrument in your personal account.

It is also possible to engage in manual-trading. The fee for closing positions on call amounts to €90.

It is important to keep in mind that the brokerage company EXANTE does not charge its clients with a service fee for account maintenance, in contrast to other brokers in the field. Thus, it is possible to trade infinitely without paying a cent.

EXANTE trading platform

There are multiple ways how one can trade: from the web platform or by downloading the desktop platform. It is important to keep in mind that the desktop terminal has comparatively more features.

The main benefits of the platform are:

  • The module on the left provides various tools that are grouped into categories.
  • The module in the centre discloses basic information about the financial instrument. It can be a currency pair chart, an option board, etc.
  • The section on the right hosts the quotes window.
  • The module at the bottom discloses information regarding any open trading positions and your account balance.
  • The module at the top discloses a list of tools, option boards, and a quotes window.

EXANTE demo trading

A demo account with the EXANTE broker is one of the most convenient ways of practicing trading, without risking any of your money. Apart from the artificial money, the accounts do not differ by much, apart from the fact that the quotes on a demo account arrive with a 30 minute delay. Quotation data arrives with no lags on a LIVE account. A demo account is a good option to become acquainted with the different instruments – from futures, to options, to forex.

Fund and withdraw money

EXANTE is not a broker that provides you with infinite ways in which to fund your account. The broker founded by Alexey Kirienko supports only wire transfers. It is a regular practice of brokers based in the Wester part of the world. Regularly the procession of the bank transfer lasts up to 5 days. Moreover, there is not minimum level that could be withdrawn from the funds.

The broker is transparent, setting a clear fee for any withdrawal, equal to 30 EUR/GBP/USD and it is charged on top of the amount withdrawn. So for a withdrawal amounting to $100, EXANTE will deduct $130 from your account. This amount does not include the fees charged by individual banks.

If you desire to withdraw a fraction fo your funds, you need to provide the following information:

  • The amount withdrawn;
  • Your account number;
  • Recipient’s name;
  • The bank address where the broker should send money;
  • Swift and IBAN.

EXANTE will examine this application during one business day. Thus you should not expect the money earlier than the next business day. Yet, there are banks that may process the payment for longer.

Don’t wait to start cooperating with EXANTE

You should carefully examine the EXANTE broker reviews available online, then you will find out that apart from the comparatively large first deposit, the brokers’ clients are satisfied. The broker has an excellent reputation among regulators, thus becoming a safe and transparent choice for the majority of traders.

The broker highly values its customers that is advocated by the company’s approach to customer service. It is extremely responsive, positive and understanding. Don’t be afraid to approach them with any possible question that may arise.

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