EXANTE and SEC: examining the facts

The EXANTE brokerage company was founded in 2011 by the entrepreneurs:

  • Alexey Kiriyenko: The owner of the Global Hedge Capital Fund.
  • Anatoly Knyazev: An extremely skilled and promising programmer and blockchain expert.
  • Gatis Eglitis: Former employee of the Saxo Bank. Graduate of Copenhagen Business School.

EXANTE and SEC: examining the facts

At the moment the company has more than 20 representative offices around the world, including Dubai, London, Singapore, and so on.

The broker complies with such reputed watchdogs such as MFSA, SFC (HK), FCA, and CySEC.

EXANTE gets along with SEC

The only aspect of their relationship clearly known is the fact that EXANTE strictly follows the regulations set forward by the SEC financial regulator.

EXANTE: the first-choice crypto traders

The company EXANTE has a splendid reputation as an innovator in the field of digital currencies. While other brokers have lacked confidence in including Bitcoin in the instrument offer, EXANTE was one of the leaders in introducing the digital currency to its terminal. Bitcoin has served as a catalyst to a strong crypto line-up. At the moment, the platform has all of the most known crypto instruments on its platform. Crypto currencies are without a doubt the instruments with the largest potential future price increase, thus don’t postpone taking advantage of the present low cost of the instrument.


To start using the services offered by EXANTE brokerage company, you first need to create an account.

It can be done by going on the broker’s website and clicking on the “Open Account” button on the right.

Subsequently, you need to choose between an individual or corporate account. As the verification of the account requires some time, fill all of the information as neatly and quickly as possible. This is required so that you would be able to begin trading.

The next step is the choice of a password. These are the only steps you need to follow in order to begin operating a demo account. As it has been previously made clear, EXANTE broker asks you to present relevant documents (your ID documents and the verification of your address for at least the past 6 months).

At the moment your documents are approved by the managers, all you have left to do is signing the agreement and transferring the deposit.

Funding your account

The minimum deposit required differs between different trading accounts, fo individual traders it amounts to €10,000, while for corporate clients it amounts to €50,000. If the sum discourages you, it may be helpful to explore other options, however, if you consider yourself an experienced trader – you should proceed reading this article.

There are no fees for topping-up the account. Albeit, it doesn’t guarantee that banks won’t charge for the transfer. At the moment, the broker uses some of the largest banks in the EU to store the funds of its clients.

Money withdrawal

The strategy is as follows: Go to your account on the client’s area and click on “Withdraw funds”. Afterwards fill out the online questionnaire. After it has been done, you need to have a printed version of the same document. Sign it by hand and afterwards send it to the broker. The broker’s review will require up to one day, while the bank transfer normally takes from one up to five days.

The withdrawal is only available by bank transfer. The most popularly used currencies are EUR, USD and GBP. irrespective of the amount withdrawn, the withdrawal fee is equal to 30 EUR/USD/GBP.

Opting for EXANTE: indisputable reasons to do this

You definitely should become acquainted with the reasons behind why this is the best company. Keep reading to hear the answer. EXANTE is a broker with an excellent reputation, working predominantly with high-net-wrth individuals.

Moreover, the broker provides you with access to more than 150,000 different instruments from more than 50 exchanges around the world.

Third, the most important benefit is the fact that it is possible to trade all of the different instruments from a single multi-currency account.

Fourth reason, the trading interface is very intuitive and convenient. The platform holds all of the necessary instruments to allow you to become an excellent trader. All of the reasons previously stated back the fact that EXANTE is the perfect choice for every professional trader.

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